Nursing/Therapeutic Care

From medication reminders to pre and post hospitalization care to physical or cognitive therapy sessions, our staff will monitor and care for your loved one in the comfort of his own home.

Nursing/Therapeutic Care

DeBestQuality's skilled caregivers will assist in a range of health care matters. When having experienced a crisis such as a fall or suffering from the slow loss of memory, our goal is to help your loved one regain and then maintain mental and physical functions.
Light housekeeping
Meal preparation and nutrition
Laundry and change of bed linens
Grocery shopping and errands
Transportation to social & recreational activities
Assistance with light exercise

Why choose Nursing/Therapeutic Care?

DeBestQuality’s skilled caregivers will assist in a range of health care matters. Our Therapeutic Care includes:

  • Stimulating Cognitive Exercises
    DeBestQuality caregivers provide individualized quality care for your loved one in the security and comfort of their own home. Maintaining familiar surroundings is important in reducing confusion, so we work to keep the home environment safe and your loved one independent for as long as possible. DeBestQuality caregivers arrange activities to stimulate and engage your loved one. Simple but helpful routines are established to maintain memory and bring a sense of security to those who struggle with recall. DeBestQuality caregivers strive to establish trusting relationships and become an important part of your loved one’s life. We provide encouragement and assistance to help the entire family cope with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Our goal is to ease the burden, giving you peace of mind and increasing the quality of life for your loved one.
  • Medication Monitoring and Reminders
    Remembering to take the right medications at the right time can be confusing. In addition, finding untaken pills can cause the family worry and stress. DeBestQuality’s Caregivers are there to make sure all meds are taken as prescribed. We will help organize medications and gently remind your loved one what to take and when.
  • Respite and Recuperative Care
    Recovering from hospitalization or illness can take time, especially for the elderly. During recuperation a lot of care and attention if often required. Allow DeBestQuality’s trained Caregivers to assist the family. We can provide primary care or just come in to help when a family member needs a rest. Our compassionate Caregivers are there to help with recovery or assist when there are long-term special needs.
  • Physical Therapy and Massage
    Working with skilled agencies, DeBestQuality Health Care is able to provide care services that help your loved one maintain good health or quickly recover from medical crisis. Our caregivers, under the guidance of medical professionals, bring necessary therapy to the home. Exercises and massage bring about beneficial results by prevent stiff joints that lead to immobility and further complications. Our Caregivers work with the family physician and therapists to help reduce risks and avoid hospitalization.
  • Strength and Balance Training
    Gentle but regular exercise is important to maintaining strength, agility and mobility. Balance exercises are also important for the prevention of falls and the gaining of confidence after a fall. Physical exercise provides great emotional benefits which aid your loved one in keeping a positive outlook on life. DeBestQuality’s trained Caregivers, under the direction of medical professionals, can help your loved one remain in good physical and mental form.
  • Food and Fluid Monitoring
    Dehydration is one of the most common problems among elderly patients admitted to the hospital. Often elderly forget to drink water or won’t bother cooking nutritionally healthy meals for themselves. DeBestQuality’s Caregivers monitor your loved one’s food and fluid intake and give gentle reminders ensure health. Caregivers will immediately report any health concerns they have to the family, physician or the DeBestQuality staff.
  • Foot and Nail Care
    Caring for feet and nails is a difficult task for most elderly. DeBestQuality’s dedicated Caregivers can assist by bathing, drying, moisturizing feet. Nail trimming and shaping as well as foot massage are available to keep your loved one well groomed.

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By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines. Hourly home care allows clients to use our caregivers on an hourly or as-needed basis.

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